A Love Letter for my Mother 😘

in love •  last year  (edited)

A love letter has never been just for couples only. So sit back and relax. Let me say I LOVE YOU!


June 17, 1998 is when I was born. You held me with tears in your eyes while thanking God for such grace. From time to time, I got sick. I am an unhealthy child and many tears were poured because you were still young and do not know what to do. But you stood still and gave your very best. And now, because you showed me how beautiful life is when you are happy, I am as cheerful healthy as any child can be. I will always be thankful that you are my mom. You are a strong woman inside and out. You are always there to be the light in our family. You are a blessing from God, remember that.

We live together for 19 years already but it was so seldom that I say I LOVE YOU and I feel so sorry for that. You are currently going through a very tough time so let me hug you, and please listen to me.

My beloved mama, I am here as always. You can always throw tantrums at me and I will still love you. You can keep on telling me everything you want to say because you are piss off to some other people and I will listen because I love you. I do not want you to forget the feeling of being beautiful because you are and I love you. You have flaws but I do not care because I love you. You are always one of my priorities because you are my one and only mom and I love you. All I want is for you to be happy mom. I LOVE YOU.

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