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I sat beside the clock, the pendulum became my ally.
Waiting for the time, waiting for the day.
When an angel descend into the world, with joy and pride,
The world celebrate my treasure.

Let me describe the treasure,
Smiling like a diamond,
Talks with the grace of a Queen,
Walks and sways in majesty,
Even a person in lunacy acknowledges her finesse.
This treasure;I sat; I watch,
Like the day should never end.
We have the beauty, we have the beast,
In your contour I find no beast.
We have the beauty, we have the brain,
In your empire, I found both;beauty and brain,
Garnished and sandwiched in one plate.

Wishes can be mirage,
We demand from life,
What we want from it.
I want to see you at the zenith,
A place far from the floor,
A place the Supreme Being has planned.
Dwell in his grace,
For he promise to be your shepherd,
Dwell in his grace,
For you shall not want,
Dwell in his grace,
For he has promised to lead you beside the still waters.
Dwell in his grace,
For his mercy abides with you forever.


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