love is meaningful word, it existence beneath the realization

in love •  last year 

Inter-life hostels.
The same college honors in my room
There were floods.
Everyone used to woke up
Apsa or sometimes taking drugs.
Why would everyone be so afraid of him?
Sometimes the days came
The day when we moan loudly crying
And screamed. His cry
It is like a deep wailing
Was there!
Full flood flood interrupts two years
I was in the room. What's from him
I heard that her essence is Tapan
He loved brother. Theirs
There was a beautiful love relationship.
But that brother of Tapan is American
Citizens hope for his
He married Cousin
Dipakata Apu no tolerance
Could not do
He often used to say a word-
"Once you love someone, they are the same
The second with the heart
No one has the power to love
Does not have "
After leaving the college, he was no more
There was no communication.
Certain years of certificate
One day went to college to pick up.
Pay-slip in front of library room
I'm standing next to see that
Floods and its scarf get screwed
A doll is like a doll doll
I talked about it. Got married.
Hazband is a multinational
Good job in the company.
All of its previous relation of floods
They are married.
While returning, one of his words
The bar was playing in the ears-
"Allah is like that people like me
Fate was so happy writing down
It never dreamed in a dream.
In fact, Allah is ours
The person who did not write fate did not have it
Is the wrong people in our lives. But that's the way
Behind the wrong people
We run on the bushes named happiness
Hope in the mirage.
Actually someone's life
Will not stop Tapanera maybe
There will not be one but the other one is right
It will fill the vacuum.
And the relationship that broke up is that
Sometime in between
Love was not Love one another

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