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The Mountain Between Us 2017


Ben: How was the wedding?

Alex: We didn't have one

Ben: What you didn't..

Alex: No... I couldn't, Mark is a really wonderful man, but... I couldn't

Ben: I'm really sorry, Alex, that's... why didn't you tell me

Alex: You're not that great at picking up your phone

Ben: I didn't pick up my phone, cause I think you were married, I thought you were married

Alex: You could have called back

Ben: It was hard enough for me to lose Sarah. I struggled with the idea of losing you, too. And then when you sent me those photographs... I... I felt alive, I really did, we made it you and I. I had to see you...

Alex: I tried to reach you... it was just too painful. So, I had to make myself accept that maybe it wasn't real and it would never work in real life.

Alex: There's a moment for these things and then... it passes.

Ben: I think we survived, cause we fell in love

Alex: The world is bigger than that and the heart is just a muscle, right?


Nocturnal Animals 2016



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I am still crying.....just got out of the cinema a couple of hours ago.
Where can I find that kind of true love? Where?????
I have so much more to say but for now I better be Silent and wish for “💜”......and ☔️

Where? Lock one of my boyfriends and me in a luxury villa and it will happen faster than we all can think :D Sometimes I think all my partners, boyfriends, lovers and manwhores should spend a week in cloister, they could learn so much from each other ;)

The Music!!!! OMG That Music!!!

How strong someone has to be to listen, to follow his/her heart <3

I always follow my heart .....always!!!

Ben: I think we survived, cause we fell in love

and and remember the heart is "just" a muscle!!!

We’re all we’ve got, me and you!’

<3 <3

That music i don't know what to feel. It's beautiful and sad.

A very wonderful publication is really a great thing

Yes two very emotional movies. Especially the table scence was the time to give tears to the world. So many levels and layers. Whereas at the mountain one you have a dialogue in the end, at nocturnal animals you really have to be capable of translating music. These are the moments just wow and in comparison wow*2. It is so satisfying, to know why I have studied musicology, when one is able to empathize on these levels and to link them with the own past and experiences in life <3


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