Love and Intimate Connections

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I have noticed something when it comes to relationships, I’ve realised that when people are with the right person and aligned to higher energies their life goes up and even their facial structure changes to be more attractive, they seem to age slower and become more intelligent and evolve more, their immune system is stronger, they glow, they are happy and higher frequency.

I’ve also noticed that people with the wrong partners age faster, devolve and even become less attractive, they become emotionally drained and often struggle in life, some get sick, depressed and stressed along with a long list of other ailments.

I’ve watched a few couples which I’ve seen this happen to.

I have a theory also that children from compatible partners created in love are world changers while those created by the second couple I’ve described are more likely to not be born as evolved, as harsh as that sounds I think that energetically compatible people hold much more energy charge between them allowing this to be transferred to the child.
Their children are born awakened rather than having to go through the process of awakening themselves at some point in their lives.
I think in the future these things will become clearer as humanity learns more about the dynamics of energy and energetic compatibility and connection of two people in love.

I have memories of Atlantis and some other places where people were born in an awakened state since birth.

With this being said I think a lot of brilliant beautiful children come from broken homes and broken relationships however imagine if they were raised up in the energy of love how much more powerful they would be.
I believe this would wipe out all disease and negative karma.
When the parents are not awakened and functioning from a higher state of being where they have cleared their karma this effects the children in a negative manner.
In the future I believe that humanity will learn it has a soul and that will change how everything in this world is viewed.

We need to understand that connection and real love have a strong energetic life force giving chi charge.

That can empower us on every level, heal us and effect the children we birth in a positive way, clearing them of negative karmic imprints and a long list of other things.

I respect the choices of others but…
This is also why I encourage people to only connect in real love.
If it’s not real love I recommend avoiding connection.
I myself find abstinence empowering and have practised it throughout the years; at various times I refuse to connect unless I know it’s real love.

We must bow to love and not to lust.

Love is surely our superpower and a river of life giving energy.

We should only connect sexually for love and nothing other than love.
And anyone else that we do not have feelings for or do not love we should abstain from connecting to them as I believe this makes one lose their life force, their precious energy. This lowers ones frequency and also can have adverse negative effects on one’s health.
Good health comes from maintaining a healthy energetic charge, loss of that charge brings your immune system down.

To connect in love is something that is beautiful, something that is divine and sadly society has twisted everything.
So people are now caught up in using sex as a tool to get what they want or manipulate others and this is wrong, or just hooking up for the fun of it rather than understanding how sacred sex is and it should be respected not exploited.

Our focus should be love and soul connection not instant gratification or using sex as a tool like stated above.

Take the route of using intimate expression of things like sex for love and connection when you do so you won't lose soul energy or make unwanted connections.
And yes connecting to another means you share your precious energy with them and they are sharing their energy with you.
If they are lower frequency or have unhealed emotional issues and dense energies you will pick all this up for days even months and sometimes years after the intimate connection.
Feeling these things as if they are your own.
You also are connecting to their karma as their energy which lingers in you holds their karma and can attract some of that karma to you.

I'm worried about the masses of people who sleep together and around or don't even really like each other as people.
They don't respect or care for each other on any level other than using each other.
This hurts the soul energy, it drains them and it also leaves emotional hurt and turmoil ensues.
This is one of the most soul draining things you can do to yourself.

Respecting yourself and others is the best path to take.
One of love and real connection not exploitation.
I was shown how when people have sex without love many cells in their body commit suicide.
As cells feel deeply and during sex give out a charge and expect to receive a charge back filled with love. Which helps build up each cell the cell being like a battery. For love charges them and feeling the lack of love, of charge that comes along with empty sex makes them destroy themselves thus making the person age more etc. The same for bad food, the cells feel a lack of charge from it and do the same the effects are ageing and a low immune system.

Why is being promiscuous pushed so much in films and in the media and in general the hook-up culture is now seen as normal.

I will do my best to explain this and also attempt to show how this is a literal attack on the divine unity of male and female in real love. It's one of this centuries greatest tools for energy vampirism and entities along with pulling souls down to lower frequencies through mass amounts of energy links.

The body is sacred and the house of the soul.
The soul is light energy BTW and a food commodity for entities that are not connected to God Source so they must feed off of souls to survive, yes soul energy is their food.

The reason Hollywood has pushed the hook-up culture is simple, the elite of Hollywood are possessed, yes that's drastic but it's true. They have sold their souls when they decided to hive energy for lower beings that feed on the souls of humanity. Look at any celebrity gossip and you will see in Hollywood that everyone hooks up with everyone. They are extremely promiscuous for the most part they push this like it's cool and normal. Have you seen the movie The Devils Advocate? Where in one part I believe the woman says they all sleep together and cheat, have you seen in Eyes Wide Shut the elite were attending parties with orgies and everyone traded up partners? I will explain why these people are full of entities in fact some have legions not to get to biblical but the bible stated that legions can be held in a body. Also let me remind you that these beings need to feed and they will give those who aid them fame, money and power in exchange. To keep the entities who give them status, fame or wealth happy they gather energy for the hive.
To come back to the point I'm trying to make. The soul is energy and the body can become filled with entities. These entities patrol the persons thoughts and emotions, yes they police those who have let them in for gain. If a person is waking up or decided to get out the entities in all the people they have been with because they are connected to them through hooking up will start attacking the one trying to break free. So they can keep that soul imprisoned. This is why the elite are often very promiscuous, all connected through entities that police their souls. So this guarantees the souls stay in place and follow what these entities want. It goes further, they want people who have a lot of entities to infect those who don't so they can monitor everyone and drain them and use them and have bodies to be in. They want to grow the hive until it's everywhere, they have found that the earth is a great food source. After all each soul is connected to the planet by draining soul energy they also are draining the planet. So next time you decide to hook-up think about it, remember the world is a very beautiful place but we must look beyond what the eye sees and into the spiritual. Your energy is precious so guard it. After all, that energy it awakens you more it keeps you from getting sick it keeps your heart well it keeps you in higher emotions. Drained people are often angry and broken and have entities that can enter them because they are drained spiritually. Maybe a huge lesson on earth is learning how to protect your light and your soul to stop being addicted to being drained by these entities. Yes many are addicted to that. Also to realise how divine you are to wake up take your power back and become an enlightened human being. By keeping humanity drained they are keeping humanity from achieving their full purpose, they are also hiding. An asleep human won't realise there is a predator and take action to remove it. They dislike when there is love and real connection between awakened people in fact anyone who has their higher chakra's lighting up will be targeted. Having a divine male and female connected then allows for protection. Each soul will watch over the other and attack anything that is trying to attach to their partner. So the entities then are fought and removed way more easily by couples who love each other and are streaming divine male and female energies as they are more awake and capable of both battling off many entities, so yes there is a huge attack on the heart and to keep hearts from connecting.

Negative Gatekeepers are often instilled during sex.
This means that if a person is getting free they will be approached by those infested with lower entities to then instil a new horde of gatekeepers that will then drain the energy of the person waking up and pull them down.

Sex should be used for love.
Cherish and protect your body and soul energy.

Disclaimer - I don’t believe all celebrities are like this but I do believe a good part of Hollywood is infiltrated by archonic forces that push negative agendas.

The post below is off of social media, I wasn’t able to find the name of the author to attach however I decided to include it as it’s full of good information.

SEX; The Spiritual Aspect.

"When a man enters your womb, what type of energy and consciousness does he have?

Is he bitter, is he happy, does he love himself, does he love you? Is he a positive or negative thinker?

When a woman makes love to you is she blessing you or cursing you?

Is she bitter, is she happy, does she love herself, does she love you? Is she a positive or negative thinker?

Sex is a ritual- of exchanging energies, thoughts, emotions, and spirits. During sex you become a spiritual sponge for the consciousness and energy of the other person.

Each pump and each thrust is an affirmation.

Are they draining your life force and your energy or are they recharging, healing, and re-fuelling your spirit?

Are they leading you into un-fulfilment, low frequency energy, negativity, depression, and destruction or are they elevating you into a higher frequency of love, life, and bliss?

Be mindful of the TRUE POWER OF SEX!
Be mindful and master how your sexual energy is being exchanged, received, and returned back to you.

Sex should be healing, powerful, and rejuvenating to every part of your being....from a cellular level, to your organs, to your mind state, and to your spirt.

THAT is the true power of SEX!
When done RIGHT...SEX is therapeutic medicine!"

“Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy with. Intimacy at this level intertwines your aural energy with the aural energy of the other person. These powerful connections, regardless of how insignificant you think they are, leave spiritual debris, particularly within people who do not practice any type of cleansing, physical, emotional or otherwise.
The more you interact intimately with someone, the deeper the connection and the more of their aura is intertwined with yours. Imagine the confused aura of someone who sleeps with multiple people and carries around these multiple energies? What they may not realise is that others can feel that energy which can repel positive energy and attract negative energy into your life.”
-Lisa Chase Patterson

A download I had awhile back.

This one is devoted to the divine feminine.

A woman who has done the work to bring up her frequency and energy.

Becomes a natural healer and a divine being.

As she is channelling god source energy and this energy is extremely healing and powerful.

Her very presence lights up those around her as her energy field brings them up in frequency.

She can heal her partner through a kiss.
I saw that the energy would pass directly into the main organs of her partner and charge them energetically.
It clears any negative emotions stuck within their system or stagnant energies.

When organs are sick or weak it’s due to lack of energy charge or overwhelming negative emotions.
So a huge flow of energy charge to the organs rejuvenates and brings them up in frequency.

An awakened woman in love channels energy into her partner and brings him up.

She lights up his soul, his spirit and helps merge his soul into his physical body.

She heals him every time she connects to him and regenerates him.

This is why we should only connect in love and not in lust or just for fun as these things drain rather than replenish energies to both parties.

Love is one of the greatest tools of channelling higher energies.

When we connect in love it heals us and those who we are connecting to.

Love and lust is fine in fact they are supposed to go together in a relationship or connection.

But just lust isn’t and depletes both parties energetically.

This makes perfect sense and I’ve had this download about myself before.

When my ex was with me he looked younger than his age and also regenerated when he was with me.
He started to look like he was the same age as me.

After I parted ways with him he looked much more aged within a couple of months.
I had energetically cut him off from accessing my energy as he was draining me.

I cut off my energy from him with the help of the angels who had given me the advice that I should cut him off as he wasn’t honouring the energy I was giving him, because he wasn’t taking care of himself and he wasn’t using that energy for goodness he was exploiting it.
Every time he hurt himself through addiction he was hurting that divine energy I was giving him.
And I would feel it.
Now I’m very careful to never connect to anyone who will drain me.
I respect that divine energy and will not accept or allow it to be exploited.

Women give your energy to men who don’t exploit it and to men who join you in love, men who treat you right.

As awakened women who hold massive amounts of energy.
Of god source flowing through us.
We must honour this presence that graces our bodies and our entire being.
We must not let everyone and anyone access it and we must hold it sacred.
And if anyone exploits this divine energy we must remove our presence from them.

We must put the divine above all.

Blessings to each one of you beautiful souls.

Be vigilant in your connections.



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