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First love is special isn't it? Most of us must have had our first love at school during our teen years. Teenage is awesome. It's the only time when your harmones are raging and you become a rebel. While parents these days are understanding, it was not so during the 80's or earlier. Specially Indian parents are a litte extra protective or call it controlling.
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Getting back to love, Love during the teen years are not serious. You often fall in love with the guy/girl who you think is a rebel. I remember I fell for a guy who I cannot imagine my life with now. I wonder what would I have been doing if I had married that guy who is now an alcoholic. Things worked in my favour and I never expressed my love for him.

But, some are lucky to find perfect love and get to keep that for life. My cousin fell in love with his classmates when he was in 4th grade. Both belonged to different caste, but he taught her his mother tongue and she taught him hers. He went on to become a surgeon and she completed her bachelors in Ayurvedic medicine. Their parents couldn't say no for the match for they had no reason to say 'NO'.

They are married for 13 years now and their live for each other has increased over time. he is usually busy owing to his work commitments, and she compliments him by doing a great job in raising her two sons without disturbing him much.

I am so awestruck by their love that I keep asking my 4th grader son if there is any beautiful girl in his class and he answers ' I go to school to study'.

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true story

I remember my first love always

First love is so awesome..
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