Will You Love Anyways...?

in love •  7 months ago

World might not be perfect.
Will you love it anyways?

People going to betray, hurt, and trespass.
Will you love them anyways?

We’ve all fucked up and may do so more.
Will you love yourself anyways?

Life may not seem fair.
Will you love it anyways?

We could find a million things “wrong” with others, ourselves, and the world we share.

We could find abundant reasons to justify anger, resentment, frustrations, and intolerance.

We could find all kinds of examples of chaos, madness, injustices, and every variety of “imperfection” “all around us.”

But will we love it all anyways, for the place and purpose it all serves, perfect in the roles played to teach us the power of that loving response...?

*Inspired by the following interesting outlook:

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Do onto others;

  • i am sorry
  • please for give me
  • Thank you, I love you

Nothing happens to us but FOR US!

Love unconditionally!


ho'opono'pono! ;-)

Golden rule .. good love is
interesting titles. I also like
design and painting ..

Looks like a prose poetry to me,actually i enjoyed reading

It's a thought-provoking post...

Thank you. Need something sweet and light. Steemit is batshit today.

Interesting post