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I’ve been lied to…

For years I’ve been told that women love funny men.

But is that really true?

Sure getting her to laugh might get your foot in the door, might make her stick around for awhile, but just because you’re funny doesn’t mean you’re getting laid.

I’ve had women tell me I’m the funniest guy they had ever met.

I’ve also made women laugh so hard they peed themselves a little.

But here’s the thing…just because I made them laugh, doesn’t mean they were sexually attracted to me.

So right now you might be guessing “what does turn a woman on?”

Well there are several answers to that, but the most effective way I’ve found to turn women on is through the power of touch.

Touching can make the difference between landing in the friend-zone, and getting this girl in bed.

When you touch a woman you’re subconsciously letting her know that you’re sexually interested.

This not only demonstrates boldness but it starts implanting sexual thoughts about you in her head…

But wait…there’s more.

After a while when a woman becomes comfortable with your touch she’ll allow you to touch more sensitive areas of her body.

As a result she’ll begin to get turned on from the stimulation, and she could even begin chasing you. Best wishes

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