15 Women Reveal What Makes A Penis Perfect

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 What makes a penis perfect?  Penises come in all shapes and sizes, and they're all perfect , magical.  Take a look at what they had to say.


 "A man who knows how to use it."
-Sasha P., 25 

 "The perfect penis is one that’s girthy but not intimidating, lengthy but not cervix destroying, and has a nice curve to it."
-Tammy H., 23 

 "I know some women are all about big sticks, but having been with a guy that was just too big, it’s not always as much fun as you might think. I like a good seven inches when at full mast. Bonus if it’s nice and veiny."
-Tara G., 28 

 "I hate smelly, hairy balls. Trim them! It makes your penis look bigger anyway."
-Stephanie L., 29 

"One that neither scares me away or makes me feel bad. Size doesn’t matter—but then again, it kind of does."
-Dani R., 27

 "One that’s STD-free. And not smelly."
-Cara T., 26 

 "I prefer 9 to 11 in length, and a slight curvature is A-OK."
-Natty H., 29 

 "A like a tip that is proportional or slightly larger than the shaft."
-Gina S., 22 

 "Uncircumcised—but this is tricky because lots of uncircumcised penises look kinda like a turtle neck… but the good ones are perfect."
-Willa M., 26 

 "The ones that inspire you to 'want to get piped.'"
-Fara T., 24 

 "Well, above average in size and I guess not, like, a scary looking crazy veiny monster peen. Also not super skinny because pencil Ds are sad."
-Dana R., 21 

"All penises are kind of handsome if they’re attached to someone who isn’t a D-bag."
-Cali K., 23


 "Can't be TOO big to the point that it's scary."
-Dara G., 25 

 "A penis with length and girth. In terms of length I'll say 8 to 11 inches at his full potential."
-Bri T., 27 

 "I like a nice pink D that can fill out a Magnum."
-Katie G., 24 

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