Gave Away Many Boxes Of Food This Weekend.

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People think I post about it often but in reality only a fraction.

Today lots of really good stuff & people that appreciate it. organic and free.

I still have more so come on by or will deliver the rest to homeless tomorrow.

Many layers of paying it forward. If we all helped each other there would be no problems unsolved.

Everywhere I Go I Give Away Free Sustainable Food
For a decade now I have been cultivating an abundant sustainable eco system that by now has fed thousands of free meals.

Because of this long term commitment and success we now have natural grocers around the metroplex that donate high quality food they have excess of because they know we help so many people sustainably.

Be it our epic parties where we feed everyone 5 course mouthgasms, to homeless people on the street or single mothers and their children needing food and shelter.

On the rare occasion I go to someone else’s house or event I always bring boxes of food to share with people.

Food is one of the most important parts of the human experience and we should live in a world with a healthy, sustainable and delicious abundance of it for all.

Anything is possible with vision, commitment and hard work.

Be the change you wish to see in the world, live the life you wish to live~*~

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Boxes of food you STOLE from natural grocers claiming to be a non profit... I wonder how many people who don’t make over $200k a year and really needed that food went hungry thanks to your lies...

Get a life lol
Or maybe your boy friend will actually light the gasoline this time

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