How Does "MärchenTechno" Sound? Like a Fairy Tale?

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The other day someone tipped me about this Berlin based artist Bebetta. I never heard of her, but got inspired when checking out her Soundcloud. She posts her performances not only under the tag "Deep House" but also under the tag "Märchentechno" (translated: fairy tale techno).

Always interested in the out-of-the-ordinary, I clicked the play button of a couple of these recordings and listened to what her link towards this tag was. Well, kinda deep house, but with some more playful touch to it, some more happy vibe to it. Although the sound is kinda Ibiza house sound, it has more depth in it. Maybe reason why she didn't make it to this magical island (yet). She has a fully booked agenda, but this is limited to mainly Germany only. I suppose, to get to Ibiza, her music is a tat too deep, too complicated for the general party ears.

Not all her recordings I listened are to my liking. Not that her selection of tracks are bad, actually many of them are pretty good, but as so many deep house sets, these can become a bit boring after listening for 15 to 20 minutes.

But, I also heard some good recordings, and one in particular I like to share with you today. This one is more uplifting, has more power in it, and foremost is quite dynamic, keeping me engaged for most part of the two hour journey.

With the weekend around the corner, this one is a good way to start our recovery cycle to come out completely energised by Monday again; ready to take on the coming work week! ...owwww... Monday it is X-mas! Owww well, for most of us that means hanging out with our family; Not sure if that is an easy or a hard ride :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Bebetta's set! :)

Artist: Bebetta
Set: SEMF 2017
Year: 2017
Country: Germany







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I thought so indeed, at least this recording is quite to my like-ing.