Trends in a manicure this spring

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What is the modern manicure this spring?
The modern manicure this spring is provocative, daring and wants to be noticed. May be short and rounded, but then it should be in a deep and bright color. The other option is to be long and sharp - with this option, the nail plate provides more abilities for nail art. And nail art is again a hit - whether we're talking about gentle floral motifs, or a mix of non-standard lines, colors and shine. The important thing is to remember the basic rule: for the spring 2018, the manicure is the brighter, the better!

The top trend in the nails for this season is the glossy manicure.
The most popular variants include nail varnish with a base in pastel color, but with a metallic finish. If you have to choose, bet on chrome because he is an absolute favorite. Mirrored nails in gray, overflowing metallic blue or sweet candy pink with broccoli accents, manicure this spring should be glamorous and futuristic.

In the last few seasons, stonemasonry was just a hint of trend, but this year, it is a leading trend. "Nail jewelry" in the form of glittering stones, beads and pearls serve as an emphasis in your vision and with their help you can not go unnoticed. The only downside is that it is more difficult to maintain, and requires professional intervention.

Trends in manicure this season are wandering between the two extremes. One is the one of the bright colors - the brighter, the more attractive the manicure is. Nails in deep orange, bright red, fuchsia, ultraviolet, cobalt blue are just some of the options.

Speaking of extremes, the tendencies in manicure are the other for minimalist style. Short, well formed and maintained nails are associated with finesse, tenderness and femininity. If you are a fan of this trend, choose a simple manicure in pale pink, peach or body color.

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