11 Easy Tips For Longer Makeup

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Day-to-day activity and some external factors, such as pollution, can ruin the makeup that we make a lot of effort every morning.

It would be great if our makeup remains intact and we do not need to retouch every minute. However, the sweat that our body produces, the climate and molecules in the air gradually reduce the effect of cosmetic products. Finally, they fade away and disappear completely from our face.

Fortunately, there are some easy tips you can apply daily for a longer makeup.

In today's article, we'll show you 11 of the most interesting tricks for long-lasting makeup we've found.

Look at them and use them every day!

  1. Wash your face thoroughly

It is important to wash your face with mild soap and water before applying any cosmetic product.

This will reduce contamination on the surface of the skin, which will facilitate the even application of makeup.

  1. Use a hydrating cream
    The use of moisturizing creams is essential to enable cosmetics to absorb the skin in the right way.

The reason is that hydrating creams create a protective barrier to the face and protect it from changes arising from natural greasing.

  1. Use primer

Primers are very popular and are used to reduce the excessive glow that occurs on the face. They also help make you look fresh all day long.

Moreover, with prolonged use of the product, you reduce the size of the pores and protect yourself from dirt and black spots.

  1. Use Powder Powder
    Powder Powder is your best assistant in sealing makeup. To apply it correctly, use a brush and light, tapping movements to make it evenly applied to the face.

Keep in mind that you do not have to "blush" it on the face so you do not remove the cosmetic products that have already been applied.

Once you have covered the desired areas, wait a few seconds and remove the excess powder with a soft cloth or brush.

  1. Select waterproof products

Waterproof spirals, shades and other cosmetics are the perfect choice for people with oily skin as well as those suffering from excessive sweating. The reason is that this type of products does not require constant adjustments and looks great for hours.

However, you should let your skin rest for a few days after applying waterproof products. The reason is that they contain chemicals that are slightly more aggressive than those used in standard cosmetics.

  1. Long-lasting lipstick
    The cosmetics industry has created dozens of long-lasting lipsticks for all kinds of needs.

These products have a strong color and last throughout the day without re-application.

If you can not find the perfect for you among long-lasting products, use a standard lipstick. Then apply a little powdered powder to make sure it will not fade quickly.

  1. Apply twice the eye line

If it irritates the fact that you have to repeat the eye line in two hours, apply it with an eye pencil, then put a little powder on top.

After a few seconds apply the liquid eye line on the powder until you reach the desired curve.

  1. Rouge
    The rouge is easy to apply and its effect is much longer than that of the powder.

It's important to know how to spread it so you can achieve a natural look.

  1. Choose the appropriate products for your skin

If it irritates the fact that you have to repeat the eye line in two hours, apply it with an eye pencil, then put a little powder on top.

After a few seconds apply the liquid eye line on the powder until you reach the desired curve.

  1. Less has a greater effect on makeup
    Many people mistakenly believe that if they put several layers of makeup, it will not fade as fast as one layer.

Professional makeup artists recommend the use of thin layers of makeup, as this is the best way to save it for a longer time.

Excessive makeup is not only more perishable, with your face looking bad.

  1. And do not forget the face toner!

One of the best products to use for a longer lasting effect is the face toner. This refreshing lotion keeps your pores clean and protects your skin from loss of natural shine.

It is best to use the product before applying makeup. Of course, you can spray your face periodically during the day. Always use a cloth to absorb excess toner without rubbing too hard.

With these easy tips you will achieve the perfect long-lasting makeup without resorting to the services of a professional make-up artist.

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These are some very useful tips.. thank you for sharing. Now I must try some of these and get back to you on the results. I'm resteeming this post for my fellow beauties aswell! xo

Thank you very much !! .. I'm glad you like it :)

You're welcome babe! 💋

Good tips!!

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