Why do break-up happens?

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Many relationships suffer to extremity until break-up happens and sometimes I begin to feel like relationships tend to obey the law of elasticity that states that provided the elastic limit of an elastic material is not exceeded, the extension of the material is proportional to the load or external force applied....blah! blah!! blah!!! Okay, enough with that, I never intended to bore you with this science stuff but don't you all want your relationship to be flexible? As you know flexibility is common to elastic materials as cited in the law and the Merriam Webster's dictionary defines flexibility as 'willing to change or to try different things' which is a known trick to keep the flame burning in a relationship.

A lot of speculations exists as to why couples break-up, everyone has their own reasons why they had fallen out of a relationship at one point or the other. There really are no reasons peculiar to either guys or girls but there are a number of inferences common with relationships that lead to break up. In the paragraphs that follows, I'll talk on a few relatable causes.

Emotional imbalance.
This sometimes occurs irrespective of how old the relationship is; this may be a few years, months, weeks and even days. Why does this happen? It could be that infatuation met speed in some cases and how spontaneously the relationship started. While some people are wired to go with the flow, some are emotionally immature or juvenile and managing their feelings is a big problem for them and as such, one minute they're all lovey-dovey and later, they don't seem to know why they're even in the relationship. Now for this kind of people, it doesn't matter if they are actually benefiting from the relationship or not, when they enter that state of confusion, they want out ASAP.

Trust issues.
A relationship can be all rosy until a lack of trust poses a threat to the life of such. Trust issues have been known to actually break couples apart faster. I personally would postulate that if there is one or more reasons why you don't trust your partner then you should quit the relationship and save your partner and yourself time and emotional stress. You get suspicious of every phone call, text messages and outings. It doesn't stop at that; you burden yourself with an unnecessary responsibility of a detective or private investigator. That's a lot of stress to deal with.

Lies would birth more and more lies certainly. Irrespective of why you lied, saying the truth still wins in the end. A relationship built on the foundation of lies would fall apart inevitably. The fact that one chooses to lie to his/her partner makes it all the more suspicious. I have an experience that I'd like to share. My one time girlfriend had refused to see me when I asked her to hangout with me. She lied that she was going to her friend's place (female friend) and I would later find out that she wasn't at her friend's, she was actually in my neighborhood to see a guy and guilt was written all over her when I had coincidentally taken the same road when I and my friends were taking our regular evening work after a hard day at school. Many people have had similar experiences and not all relationships can survive afterwards.

I can go on and on with this but I figured we could share our experiences together. I bet someone can learn from yours, so let's go to the comments section and keep this rolling.


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