5 stupid things you should never for your partner.

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Everything is going right, you love them they love you back and you couldn’t ask for anything else. Typical in many relationships, you turn a blind eye to the red flags because they treat you right and you would rather die than go back to the dating pool.

Well, that is until your partner starts making strange requests and your psycho detecting radar goes off. To be sure, here are 5 things you should never do for your spouse no matter what. If he or she can’t take you as you are, seek other options to convince them otherwise or better still, call it quits before things get out of hand.

Alter your look

If your partner keeps nagging you about how you look to the point of comparing and belittling you, it is time you took action and stood up for yourself. So long as you are happy with how you look, no one should convince you to change that. It is natural to want our partners to find us attractive but giving them the upper hand to control how you look is a big no-no. If they don’t like it they should leave you for someone else who will accept you as you are. Never undergo the knife or sign up for a rigorous exercise plan just to please your partner.

Cut your loved ones

Call a spade a spade, jealousy and being overprotective are not cute. These are warning signs he or she is too controlling. If your spouse finds fault and doesn’t like your family, friends, co-workers and other people in your life, you need to take a step back and evaluate. Anyone who tries to alienate you from those you love is setting you up for a fall. Run before it is too late.

Uncomfortable bedroom requests

If you are both into trying new things and pushing boundaries than by all means explore. As an adult, chances are you already know what turns you on and what doesn’t. If your partner insists on doing certain things for his or her own personal sexual gratification while infringing on your sexual boundaries, this could be abuse. Do not allow anyone to physically hurt or make you feel uncomfortable when you should be enjoying this intimate moment. If you can’t do it, don’t do it. And don’t let your partner use this as a basis to cheat. If a mutual understanding can’t be reached, seek other alternatives such as counseling to iron things out.

Make you do what you don’t want

Everyone has that thing they swear or know for sure they wouldn’t do either out of fear, past trauma, beliefs, experiences etc. That said, your partner should never push you to break what you feel strongly about. He or she never force, coerce or bully you into giving in. If they continue to prod and insist, this could be moving to emotional abuse. No one should make you do anything you don’t want to especially if you were clear you do not want to do it.

Give up your privacy

Outside your family, work, and partner, you are an individual with a life to live. Do not ever fall into the trap that he or she loves you so much that is why they have all your email passwords, bank account pins and everything else you have. This is a very serious warning sign that could lead to emotional and physical abuse. Your partner should never hack or forcibly have your very personal details unless it is out of your own will and it applies both ways.

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