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Are you the one who feels disappointed when your expectations are not met? Do we have right to expect in our love relationship?

Sometimes it gets difficult to know what can you expect from your partner.

Should he make time to call me / see me?
Should he help out in daily chores?

And many more such expectations creep up in our daily lives. We get into the vicous cirlce of deep thinking and counting the number of occassions your expectations haven't been met. Rather than solving specific expectation we should focus on getting the "basics" right. Try and figure out the foundation of your relationship and are you both confident about each other. I feel we have right to expect few things from our romatic relaptionship:-


A good partner ensures respecting you for who you are. A respectful partner knows and admires your strengths, and becomes strength in your weaknesses.


Your partner may express this either in words, behavior, or both, but physical affection, such as hugging, kissing, back or foot rubs, or holding hands is especially important in romantic relationships.


Time never stops for anyone, you must have heard this saying. Ensuring you give time without having to be reminded is essential for a healthy relationship.


It is a good idea to find out your common interests and learning the other interests from each other. It shows you care and you are not just there because you love yourself more.


Intimacy is not the same as sex it is about making love. It means allowing yourself to be know and wanting to know you..getting familiar with each others emotions.

It is always a good idea to communicate and keep transparency in your romantic relationship.


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