Qualities women find most attractive in men

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Qualities women find most attractive in men :

Finding that perfect mate – is there really such a thing – is not an easy thing to do. A woman can search her whole life time looking for the perfect man to build a perfect relationship with, only to find out there’s no such thing as a perfect anything, much less a perfect man. However, there is a perfect man for you that you will not only find attractive, but also meet your personality perfectly. While no two women have the exact same tastes in men, almost all women find certain traits attractive. 

Physical appearance

Let’s face it. The first thing a woman notices about a man is not his great personality. How that could be ascertained from just a glimpse? No, women will first notice that a man is attractive, which is what draws her to him. It’s the first step, no matter how shallow it may seem, in any relationship.  

Independent and confident

Women find men who are self-sufficient and independent very attractive. After all, what woman would want to date a man who still lives at home with mommy? At this time in a woman’s life, the man she dates should be established and building his career, not still sleeping in the basement while his mother makes him pancakes.  Confidence in a man is very attractive to women. A relationship with an insecure man could lead to having to coddle him, and in many cases jealousy becomes an issue because he becomes concerned another man might steal his woman. There is a happy medium, though. A man who is too independent and confident in a relationship tends to shut out the woman in their lives. 


What woman doesn’t want her man to be faithful to her and their relationship? What’s the point of a relationship if the two aren’t monogamous, right? A man who is faithful is extremely attractive to women. It tells her that she is one of the most important things in his life and he values her and what they have together. 


Even though women have come a long way in the feminist movement, most women still like to feel protected by the man in their life. This is not to say she wants him to hover over her every move and snap at any man who tries to talk to her, of course. But knowing that the man in her life will do what he can to protect her from harm – emotional or physical – he becomes even more attractive to her. 

Sense of humor

One of the most attractive traits a man can have is the ability to make his woman laugh. Laughter, they say, is good for the soul. Relationships that include laughter are much more successful. Life is stressful and laughter is a great way to relive some of that stress.  These are only a few qualities women find attractive in men. Every woman is different and will look for some variations of traits, which may even change throughout their life as they explore and learn about relationships. However, most women will want their man to be independent and confident, trustworthy and faithful, and make them laugh along the way.    


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