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A few years into my singlehood I had this intuitive nudge that I needed to start dating myself. Spirit was letting me know that I needed to get out of my house - I needed to spend some kid free time with just me. I needed to be 🌹kind to myself, I needed to 🤗value myself, I needed to get to know myself, I needed to start 💕loving myself the way I wanted to be loved.

I remember the first time I took myself out for dinner. I felt so uncomfortable, so awkward, so alone, so freaking weird.

I remember that I took a long time to get ready for this date and it seemed like such a good idea during the preparation stage.

I remember that I was wearing a black dress and a bright green scarf.

I remember looking around this beautiful restaurant and thinking, "What the heck am I doing here?" while I scanned the restaurant and worried about what people were thinking about me.

I remember feeling a little sorry for myself.

I remember almost getting up and leaving and then I stopped.

I stopped the madness that was going on in my head and I closed my eyes and I cleared out all the judgements, all the perceptions, all the internal chaos and I began to breathe. I began to breathe out the fear and anxiety and I began to breathe in love and acceptance.

I knew my truth and that's all that mattered. I decided right then and there that I was going to start taking my power back from strangers that didn't even know me (and likely weren't judging or even noticing me in the first place). I deserved to be in that restaurant loving myself, caring for myself and getting to know myself again.

Yes I was single but why was I letting that stop me from enjoying my life? (And going out for delicious food)

And so it began.... the ritual of dating myself. I didn't realize it then, but I would later come to understand that taking the guidance to love myself and treat myself this way would establish the way I expected to be treated by anyone.

And so it's no surprise that I called in a man who has never stopped dating me, never stopped buying me flowers, never stopped touching me or telling me how much he appreciates me because these were all things that he saw in my life when we met, and they were the starting point that inspired him to do even more.

And so now there are always flowers, he takes me out somewhere nearly every day, every night I go to sleep with his strong arms around me and wake up every day to a man who tells me how I make his life better simply by being in it.

We will always attract a reflection of what is happening in our own heart. The women I work with attract in connected and committed partnerships as they learn to love themselves and put themselves first. It's through this process that they raise their vibration and an entirely different quality of man takes notice.

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