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I have never written about or implied that people need to be perfect before they enter into relationship. My relationship is real, raw, complicated and it takes a tremendous amount of work and commitment from two conscious, imperfect individuals.

Conscious relationships have absolutely nothing to do with perfection or being free of baggage and personal wounds. How many people do you know with no quirks, issues or baggage? I for one have needs, emotions, old wounds and a messy side and I, in spite of those "imperfections", have found my conscious man.

Consciousness is all about awareness, observation of self, being in control of our reactions and responses and listening as our intuition guides us in our relationships and all areas of life.

To be conscious means we have the ability to recognize our triggers and respond to the underlying need/wound rather than reacting, retreating or fighting back.

Conscious individuals are not judgemental but they do maintain high standards for themselves and anyone they share their energy with.

A conscious relationship doesn't accept passive aggressive behaviour, running away emotionally or physically when it gets hard. I doesn't control the other with demands, aggression, temper tantrums or childlike behaviour.

We all screw up, perfection is a delusion, what's important to be aware of is how we show up when it's hard, stressful and messy. Can we admit when we are wrong? Can we accept responsibility for our actions or reactions and learn more about who we are from them? Can we get back up, forgive ourselves and keep loving us forwards?

I have not yet 'arrived', I am still working everyday to become my most magnificent self. The deeper I dive into MY work, the more I see myself grow, stretch and become the woman I was created to be and as a result the better my relationship becomes.

Don't settle conscious love is worth the wait.



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