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Men need to earn the key to a conscious woman's heart. It's our right and responsibility as conscious women to be patient and lean back until a man has proven his worth, proven he's the one who deserves our heart and more specifically - our soul.

Men often reject, run away, or disappear without a word when a women gifts him this piece too soon. Men need to know they've earned this part of you. If you offer it before you've witnessed his magnificence under pressure, you'll have shown your hand early and he'll wonder of your standards are high enough to challenge him.

Sometimes we feel lonely, needy or just get tired of waiting. Sometimes we get caught up in the newness or swept up in the lust of a new relationship. We are filled with hope that maybe this might be 'the one.' It's challenging to hold back, especially when he appears to be a good man. We give the sacred piece of ourselves away too soon, before we've seen enough and before he's earned the right.

It takes discipline and patience, but if he is the one it will be worth the wait. If he isn't, you'll have saved that piece of you for the magnificent man that hasn't shown up yet.

When we let go of the need for a man, the panic of finding one fades away. We create space for clarity and reflection and sometimes we realize what we thought we wanted isn't what we wanted at all.

We need to WAIT. Wait until he's proven himself to be trustworthy, consistent, and conscious. A conscious man has options but so does a conscious woman.


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