Magic Mushroom Messages: Interview with 434 (video/podcast)

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Since the dawn of man, and maybe a few hours before, people have been using psychedelic substances to expand their consciousness, give them a greater perspective, and get in touch with something divine. Psilocybe mushrooms, peyote and other substances were seen as holy, a sacrament, a way to connect something deep within us.

These days, many might consider that superstition, but as the public discourse and awareness of psychedelics grow, more people are talking about the sacraments' relationship to spiritual experiences, and even contacting wise and ancient entities, with knowledge to impart and calm guidance. Some call them our ancestors, some call them "self-transforming machine elves".

On this episode, Kurt interviews Peter, known by his YouTube channel 434, about his experiences talking to these spirits or angels during and after his mushroom journeys. Much like the mushrooms themselves, Peter is building a network, branching out to find like-minded individuals. We discussed a lot of subjects - the intelligence of plant and nature, how good and evil are very human concepts, near death experiences, and the origin of species.

Welcome to another life-changing roller-coaster ride on this next episode of ... The Paradise Paradox!

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The Paradise Paradox is a podcast where we talk about crazy ideas for open-minded people. We cover topics such as crypto-currency, technology, politics, economics, freedom, free-thinking, and psychedelic experiences.

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