Loves left to rot like rusty chains

in #lovelast year

The birds are not free, the seas are polluted and the sun of tolerance has not yet risen.
Loves left to rot like rusty chains
The winds of life bring the poor like yellow worthless leaves.
Even potatoes are too expensive to make chips anymore
Draw pictures beautiful girl and give me my colorful hopes, red and blue of your dreams
Be with me with all your soul so dear lady life becomes my walking stick
The time has come when we cannot condemn thieves
Even tea and sugar are now a luxury.
This is what happens when you give the dollar freedom and indulge it.
Let the heavens be my witness that I will reach out to people more


You didn't know that in my heart
crashing for you
That there is one more heart,
Don't you understand, my darling?
We are in pain now.

Now only your name is left in my mind,
You took my heart, my body is empty.
Take it in mind my darling.
Your two syllable name is driving me crazy.

If you remember this nice but empty Boy.
It's in the past now, my darling.
We Are No More.

wish you could find
I wish I could just stay.
Now I can't find the words to say
I don't know where to start

But I thought you knew.
No news?
I married your absence!
We Are No More.

I don't know why you came
But your eyes are enough to understand
And as I understand it
You want the me you left.
We Are No More.

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