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Agent of love!

It has happened, it is happening and will also happen in many families today. It is has become a norm that most men lived happily with their parents and siblings. But after they got married, problem Creped in.

A family known for unity and love will now start to fight each other. Brothers will turn to arch enemies.
Friends will have 180 divergence in heart.
Walls and bridges will be built where there is none before.

Most of this problem has their root from the woman or lady the guy or males in the family got married to. Most women when you marry them, immediately they enter into the family they start sowing the seed of discord in the family. They start sniffing every movement of the family members around his husband.


Am not saying, that all women do it or culprit of such incidents. I have seen where a lady was ridiculed, cajoled but the man insisted he will marry her, after the marriage, she turned out to be the missing link in that family. Everybody now loved her because of her love, courage and character synonymous to biblical Rebecca she portrayed.

I have also seen, heard where a woman was loved, cherished and adored before marriage, but after the marriage she became the Amaleke of progress, love and unity of the family. She became the gwongworo of his husband. She will decimate every body that nears the husband.

Ladies hear me, your man has family, friends and cabals who have one way or the other contributed to his success. Brothers and sisters both biological and environmental. He has a mother and father before he was caught in the web of your love.

I know that problem arises, situation differs and families are heterogeneous. But I want to tell everyone especially our Eve descendants(female folks) when a man marries you become the Zuma rock of love, care and protection in that family.

These, you will achieve through your character and Nothing but character of Love.
Be the binder
Be the missing link of love.
Be the Rebecca.
Make your husband king and that he was right to marry you out of all the women in the world. His siblings and friends are now your family members, don't despise them.
Don't kill them, don't push them away. Don't relegate them.

And to you Mr husband, don't malign your wife, it's your wife not Family wife. Don't give her impression that will result in her changing her character towards your parents and family members. Don't tolerate any nonsense from anyone against your wife, cherish and adore her. Even if she is wrong, treat the situation with diplomacy, don't insult her or hurt her feelings openly but when you go inside reprimand her and direct (I didn't say beat or slap oo)

Women are lovely creatures, don't make yourself a bad woman through character.
Be the hope of the family.
Build love, unity and respect in the family your eventually find yourself.

Don't become a principality in that family rather become the solution to the family.
Become Sarah and Rebecca not Jezebel.

Use love and not hatred.
Become kindness not cruelty.
Become abundance and not lack. Peace and not war. Be the joy and not the sorrow of the family.
Goodness not badness.
Become the the assurance and Porsche of your husband and his family not disappointment and bulldozer.

Women are anointed to heal. Heal the family. Build the family don't destroy it.
Women are unique.
Women with beautiful character are priceless.
Become a priceless wife in that family now.
A good and virtuous woman who can find?

Be an agent of Love!


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