Lets Talk Bitcoin: Technology & Choice #26, Reconnection - Ken Schwenker and the One Love Festival

in love •  9 months ago

Thank you John Ferguson for all you are doing to help our One Love Fest November 2-4th 2018 being the first full crypto music, art, yoga festival.

We have a big announcement on February 14th about how to get a OneLove (10VE) token bonus for our ICO fundraiser.

Join our new telegram group where the core team will release information first:

One Love Fest Core Team


source: https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/post/technology-choice-26-reconnection-ken-schwenker-and-the-one-love-festival

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Absolutely awesome picture!

Awesome! I can hear the Bob Marley jams in the background :)

Nice post

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