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1» When a woman love you, she will do anything possible to be with you. .

2» When a woman loves you, she will sacrifice her happiness to make you smile .

3» When a woman love you, she will not delay accepting you as a lover, when she have accepted you,she will show you care and give you attention needed in relationship or marriage. .

4» When a woman loves you bro, she will do things that make your friends and you thinks she is throwing herself on you. Bro! She truly love you so much, don't take her love for granted. .

5» When a woman love a man, she will call the guy on phone more than the guy calls her everyday.

6» When a woman truly love a man, she will visit you all the time, calls you, helps you,care and give you attention more than she gives herself and family. .

7» When a woman loves a man, she will do what she vows not to do in this life. She will do it for you and for love .

8» When a woman truly love a man, she will turn down other men who approaches her .

9» When a woman truly love you, she gonna be romantic, care for you, respect you, encourage and supporting your dreams in this life, she will do anything possible to assist you achieve it. .

10» When a woman truly loves you, she will surely want the best for you, she will not cheat on you or hurt you, she will let everybody know that she loves you, she will be proud of you bro, she want nothing but marriage. .


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