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In a world like this, it is easy to focus on the wrong things in life, that's the easiest route to bitterness and depression. As long as there is life, there will always be one wrong thing, it might be Inability to find love, career challenges, failures, sickness etc. We focus so much on the wrong things that we forget to appreciate the right things in our lives.

One of the ways of living a positive life is learning to appreciate your loved ones. Which is why I want to appreciate a friend dear to me @gvand


I hope it's not late to wish my dear friend a happy birthday.. She is indeed a Venezuelan beauty!! We clicked the moment we started talking, thanks to @artzone, and we've been good friends.

She is one of the people, Steemit blessed me with, She is one of my steemit support systems. Very easy going, friendly and smart!! She is also a talented artist and one of the pillars of @artzone..

How can I miss this opportunity to celebrate my dear friend @gvand. I wish you all the best things in life my dear.. Please reserve my cake till when we meet. I would have loved to record a birthday song for you but it's really late here and I don't want to disturb my neighbourhood..

Make sure you party hard!! Have a blast!!!


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OMG! This is really beautiful!, I feel very flattered and blessed to meet people as valuable as you, I always tell you... I appreciate this and it is never too late to give the best wishes and good vibes, thanks! You've really made me blush hahaha


I hope you had fun..


One of the ways of living a positive life is learning to appreciate your loved ones) .

This is for real


Yeah. Thanks for reading.


You're welcome

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What a match, made in heaven... @gvand and @nmalove.

Thanks for so much support, there is so much to come soon ;-)


Yes boss

@gvand is an amazing artist. She asked me if she could do a pencil sketch of me. I said yes but really didn’t think anymore about it. When I saw it, the picture blew me away. It has a true wow factor. U lucky to have such a nice friend....and she’s pretty too! 😜


That sounds like @gvand. She is talented and sweet.. and damn pretty too.. Thanks for stopping by @broncnutz