The Hidden Truth of What Love Is.

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What is Love:

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is beautiful
Love is magic
Love is powerful
Love is caring
Love is forgiving
Love is understanding
Love is trust
Love believe
Love teaches
Love corrects
Love shares

Love is all that have been mentioned above and more. But the truth many will not tell you when they claim to love you is that;

Love hurts.

Anyone who truly loves you will look out for you, will tell you when you are wrong, will always want the best for you. In as much as good things happens, they come with a prize.
Sometimes, our love once will treat us in certain hurtful ways or talk to us in ways we do not like. Not because they do not love us, but because they actually want the best for us.


So before you take that decision getting angry over nothing, think it through, think the motives behind the action. Deep down somewhere, you will find LOVE.

Love is Good

I hope this helps and motivate someone.

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