Happy proposed day.

in love •  last year 

As long as my desire will continue, I will be close to you for as long as possible.
As long as I live on earth
You'll live with them just like that.
Just as much as you would have been the mother of chiled.
I'll be the father to live as well and what will make me their father ????

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@nasimmd, great one. post some more, i read it everytime. @aricheta says, nice photo too.

#aricheta #nasimmd


Thanks @aricheta i will try to write more from @nasimmd #Rahat

Awesome bro @nasimmd


thanks bro @livevlog

Excellent friend. it's really a lovely day for all.


you are r8

do u proposed any body?


no dear did't dind anyone like that.. @faglerabbi

So nice



is there anybody whom i can propose? 😍😂


😂😂 yea yes there is one @frrahi the name is @animationmaker are you ready??😂😂




happy propose day...


Thanks and same to you @nashidibaju

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