Letting Go Of The Love Of Your Life

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social-media-3846597_960_720.pngHeartbreak is such a profound pain. It is completely disruptive.

The connections we build with other people are 'the stuff of life'. People with rich social connections live longer.

But there can be a time where these connections become strained, broken, and uncoupled - perhaps without your wanting and in spite of your best efforts to mend and repair.

The connections we have with others is not just two-sided, but it involves a complex play between all of the relationships in your life, in interaction with all the the relationships in the lives of the people you interact with.

In other words, how you interact with one person will have an effect on all of the relationships in their life, in addition to all of the relationships in your own life. Indeed, the effect of all relationships in your life will determine IF you will interact with some people and not with others - and those effects, the forces from other relationships, change over time and they change with events.

Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall

To acknowledge that an unintended event has severed connections, and it's time to let go - is painful. To dwell on it is chaos and failure on top of profound loss... but, to avoid the realization is denial and attachment.

Is it healing to list every instance of being weaned from the relationship?
Is it healthy to quantify and categorize all of the 'uncoupling' moments?
Is it cathartic to detail the betrayal and breaking of vows?

Perhaps, for a short time.

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