Easy to do bedroom decor for marital bliss

in love •  last year

Hello dear friends,We have just moved to a new apartment and I'm extremely fortunate to have a spiritual healer and a vastu/fengshui specialist living next door.
One day the gentleman visited us and as he moved around the house his eyes fell on the picture that was taken on my wedding dresses as bride and groom.
"You should place this picture on the south wall of your bedroom to unlock the gateway of love and romance flow in your life" is what he said.

Well the south/southwest wall of your house is the 'relationship'zone of your house. Placing a picture of married couple bestows them with love and romance.

Many people have also told me that placing a picture of "Lord Krishna and Radha" in love on the south wall of your bedroom will bring a tsunami of love and romance in your life.I have a wall art of 'Radha Krishna' on the south wall of my bedroom too.

To spice up your romance you could also hang a sun catcher,preferably pink on your bedroom window .they not only bring bliss to your marital life but also form a beautiful rainbow on the wall opposite to the window to which they are hung as the rays of the sun fall on them.

Having a few peacock feathers in your bedroom can go a long way in kindling a fire of passion between the two hearts and also clears the negative energy ,promoting an aura that captivates the senses.peacock feathers can also be placed below the pillows on your bed.
A few roses (not the artificial ones) ,rose fragrance oil burnt in an aroma diffuser is equally good enough and a night lamp thats blue in colour will take you to the pinnacle.
With all these things in place,which I suppose is easily available and affordable too you could have an ultimate experience of your life.20170629_142251.jpg

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