What makes you fall in love with the opposite sex?

in love •  9 months ago

* Have an equation
There is a theory that says that a couple who have a few lasting similarities. However, a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology summarizes that love comes from equality.
Equation of life values, life experiences, attractive levels, and age can make someone fall in love with others.

  • He looks like a parent
    According to a study summarized in Evolution & Human Behavior, a man is likely to fall in love with a woman similar to his mother, both character and physical features.
    A similar theory also occurs in women who tend to fall in love with a man who resembles his father.

  • Body scent
    A study published by Psychological Science says that body scent also plays an important role that makes others fall in love.
    The study says that women who in the fertile period consider men with high testosterone levels attractive and sexy.

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