I know, you are doing not browse this letter, you'll not get a lot of time to browse it

in #love4 years ago

How area unit you? once several days, you wished to jot down one thing, you may not write it an excessive amount of as a result of you probably did not write American state, it's going to be a matter of pride, however I might ne'er write a letter, however you are doing not copulate, you're terribly busy, you write American state 2 lines Time isn't therefore busy.

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Anyway, area unit you sure? it is a sensible plan, you are not sort of a nicer like American state, therefore why not copulate well. you'll be able to be sensible at each moment of your life, this is often your success and my failure I mixed you with blood, I actually have detected plant toxin, I cannot save, I actually have ne'er eaten up, some have aforementioned, once contend. don't be brave, and hate has not been accepted, however you are doing not hate, love Rahana, day by day, you have got American statet me like plant toxin.

However you'll say I cannot browse this mental writing, however once more my letter, if the other person thinks ...
I have no price, no huff, no anger, no trouble, no happy ...
Yes, laugh, I began to laugh recently, if the woman doesn't check with you, she gets restless, looks like she will prolong the thanks to death, the woman conjointly told her tooth, no, not that i'm sensible or unhealthy, words that area unit absurd or ridiculous perhaps I don't need to be, I don't need to listen to your excuses, so i'm away.

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Now you're not asked to like, however the previous feeling is woke up, does one recognize the distinction, carrying dirt or love? i'm recent? Or our relationship? Relationship or not regarding the love of AN old beau .. Then why do feelings become empty? area unit they tired or will they perceive the shadow of fraud like me?

Dear dear
You may not think about the burning of fireside in thousand killings, and that i feel tired to feel, I cannot see myself within the mirror, I am shy, this is me, whose skin isn't bright, however Shimti Maya, her Have eyes and see if the rash of the sun is unhealthy, simply 2 days agone i used to be feeling sick, you saw, however didn't raise, I didn't am fond of it, the automotive O you busy, mango and that i No, as a result of I don't need to listen to excuses for being attached you, crawl up and go, however I bored with anxiety as a result of I didn't have thousands of faces

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