For you Mother To You Father

in #love4 years ago

Your love,
Your love,
always you give me,
You slam your bones,
You sweat your sweat,

But you always try to smile in front of me,
Although I often disappoint you,
You never stop giving it all,
Neither did you ever ask me for a reply,

Because I know,
you do all that,
Just to make me happy.
You light up my life,
you are a lamp in every step i ..

Forgive me, ..if I have not been able to reply the slightest good you have given me, ..
But I promise, .. I will always try and pray as best I can, ..
for your happiness and for your old age, ..
So you always smile, ..

despite what I give, ..
not as big as what I received so far, .. Mother, ..
you are like
dancing moon
in my chest

you are like
warm sun
my heart, ..

Mother father,..
I love you both
like i love heaven
May Allah kiss my father and mother
in his most beautiful garden ..

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