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"Turning the photo album from the past, every photo had its own history. In those days, there weren't enough money to buy many photo rolls. Each photo was worth a lot. So photographers had only single chance to click the photo right, while the people on this side of the camera had only one choice to pose properly. As I was going through the images, I see some of my parent's marriage photographs, gosh they were adorable. My Mother in white gown and dad rocking in his tuxedo, I then understood from where I got my fashions sense finally.


They married fighting all the odds that came between their love life. Dad working as a manager in a warehouse while mom was a housewife. In those days, being a manager at a firm was considered great. We had guests every weekend, mom used to make different dishes for them, she used to tell stories to me when I was a teenager. Responsibilities added soon as I grew up and so my demands and financial burden led to busy life at work. They loved each other immensely but they lack time. Time for each other. Being a housewife, she used to be busy in daily chores while he worked day and night to fulfill daily needs. They gave up their dreams so that I could live a happy life. Every night they fought on trivial things from in-laws to daily chores. But every morning they greeted each other with a smile.


At the end, their love never died for each other. I grew up to become a Pilot and used to live off shores all the time. When they finally got the time they were weak enough to live for each other. Last 5 years they lived on medicines and taking care of each other. Finally, they gave up together due to old age. I regret the time I was away when they needed me the most. In the quest of being something in life, we forget that the life itself is granted by the efforts of our family, without them, there is no house, no work, no childhood nothing. They gave up their dreams so that I could be something, but with growing time they forgot their growing age. I remember one thing that my dad said to me "Love never dies, it grows with time, and even if people aren't around, love still stays forever as lessons, I may have given less time to your mother but we know deep down we love each other and care for each other, You'll understand the feeling later when you grew up"
I pray their soul get to rest in peace and they live together wherever they are."
Wept their son as he folded the letter on their funeral.



Hi mohitgogri,

Your blog is really good!

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Oh, that is so sweet. Thank you for sharing it.

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