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A relationship is all about trust… the trust that two people share in one another. It’s about being honest with the person you love… it’s about that bond that makes you feel as though you are one. A relationship is about accepting each other with all your imperfections and flaws and never pointing out things that may hurt the other. It’s about being a team, where no one is behind the other but instead you walk side by side holding each other’s hand… A relationship is about that honesty that makes you believe in each other… and if ever something goes wrong, it is what gives you the strength to accept it and look each other in the eyes, never looking away. It’s about being together… knowing that you will never be lonely as you know there’s always someone looking out for you and waiting for you to come back. It’s knowing there’s always someone to hold you and to strengthen you… it’s about being confident in what you do, that special type of confidence that comes from loving the right person – that one person who strongly believes in you… But most importantly a relationship is about sacrifices… lots and lots that you need to make to be with right person. Because this is someone you always wanted to have in your life… someone you want to change for and become something better… but best of all, the feeling is mutualFB_IMG_1519587876523.jpg]()


I don't know how to. Are you talking to lots of people at once?

Oh really? ?

Yeah, humans have working hearts and not broken ones.

How can you love someone. what is love.

More then me..you dnt know about love??

You are correct. I have never loved, nor will I ever love.

Yeah bcz you are banjo thats why??

Though I am technically human, I feel as though I am a robot. I can neither detect sarcasm nor emotions.

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Trust is very important especially in long distance relationship when you don't know what your partner is doing but hope they love you as much as you love them

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Totally agree with you friend a relationship like I always say is two not one is to give the balance to be strengthened every day with respect, communication and fidelity goes far, excellent work my dear friend @mizanuk. Regards ; )