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We’ve had our fights and our ups and our downs but we’re still here and we’re still together. Somehow we always seem to bounce back from our bad times and love each other even more than we did in the beginning. Sometimes we drive each other crazy, other times we’re crazy in love and I guess the rest of the time we’re just plain old crazy…. but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This relationship isn’t perfect – but it’s REAL. And that’s what I love about us most. So please don’t change… and neither will I… and hopefully one day we’ll be two crazy old geezers in a home together still just as in love as we are right now…



jeejej love is like a friend between high and low as the Russian mountain, good that renazaca love between you two, congratulations my dear and dear friend. A big hug and you want it for free @mizanuk. Regards ; )

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