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Nothing kills a relationship faster than silent
doubts… so talk about the things that disturb
you rather than bottling them up. The more
you keep these things locked up, the bigger
the emotional gap between you becomes.
Relationships are about trust, transparency
and honesty. So to avoid disagreements and
misunderstandings you need to communicate
as much as you can – and that includes your
fears and doubts. Talking to each other opens
you up emotionally to one another… you will
only get to know each other and therefore
lessen your doubts. True love is a rare gift, so
never give up on it – especially because of
baseless doubts… Talk to your partner, get to
know them well… and think before you act.



Wao in truth your words fill me sometimes love is beautiful, fragile, hard however as you say you know the person well before taking a step to fall in love because we see hearts we do not know @mizanuk. Regards ; )

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