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26993413_1932979560352249_6258081521142856334_n - Copy (2).jpgalleri, a savvy, regular workers Radcliffe College understudy of established music; they rapidly begin to look all starry eyed at regardless of their disparities.

At the point when Jenny uncovers her intends to examine in Paris, Oliver is disturbed that he doesn't figure in those plans. He proposes, she acknowledges, and they go to the Barrett manor so she can meet Oliver's folks, who are neutral with her and judgmental. Afterward, Oliver's dad discloses to him that he will cut him off monOliver Barrett IV is the beneficiary of an American high society East Coast family going to Harvard College, where he plays ice hockey. He meets Jennifer "Jenny" Cavetarily on the off chance that he weds Jenny. After graduation Oliver and Jenny wed in any case.

Without his dad's money related help, the couple battle to pay Oliver's way through Harvard Law School; Jenny functions as an educator. Oliver graduates third in his class and takes a situation at a respectable New York City law office. They are prepared to begin a family, yet neglect to consider. After numerous tests Oliver is informed that Jenny is critically ill.

Oliver endeavors to carry on with an "ordinary life" without telling Jenny of her condition, yet she discovers subsequent to standing up to her specialist. Oliver purchases tickets to Paris however she decays to go, needing just time with him. To pay for Jenny's growth treatment, Oliver looks for cash from his offended father, who inquires as to whether him in the event that he has "gotten a young lady stuck in an unfortunate situation." Oliver essentially says yes, and his dad composes a check.

From her healing facility bed, Jenny makes memorial service plans with her dad, at that point requests Oliver. She instructs him to not reprimand himself, demanding that he never held her once more from music and it was justified, despite all the trouble for the love they shared. Jenny's last wish is made when she requests that he grasp her firmly before she bites the dust. As misery stricken Oliver leaves the healing facility, he sees his dad outside, having hurried to New York City from Massachusetts when he heard the news about Jenny and needing to offer his assistance. Oliver lets him know, "Jenny's dead," and his dad says "I'm sad," to which Oliver reacts, "Love– Love implies never saying you're sad." Oliver strolls back alone to the open air ice arena, where Jenny had watched him skate the day she was hospitalized.


Ali MacGraw as Jennifer "Jenny" Cavalleri

Ryan O'Neal as Oliver Barrett IV

John Marley as Phil Cavalleri

Beam Milland as Oliver Barrett III

Russell Nype as Dean Thompson

Katharine Balfour as Mrs. Barrett

Sydney Walker as Dr. Shapely

Robert Modica as Dr. Addison

Walker Daniels as Ray Stratton

Tommy Lee Jones as Hank Simpson

John Merensky as Steve

Andrew Duncan as Reverend Blaufelt


Erich Segal initially composed the screenplay and sold it to Paramount Pictures. While the film was being delivered, Paramount needed Segal to compose a novel in view of it, to be distributed on Valentine's Day to help pre-announce the arrival of the film. At the point when the novel turned out, it turned into a smash hit without anyone else ahead of time of the film.

The first chief was Larry Peerce. He pulled out and was supplanted by Anthony Harvey. Harvey dropped out and was supplanted by Arthur Hiller. Jimmy Webb composed a score for the film that was not utilized.

The lead part was turned around Beau Bridges, Michael York and Jon Voight.[5] Ryan O'Neal was given the lead part on the suggestion of Erich Segal, who had worked with the performing artist on The Games; he was paid $25,000.[6]

The fundamental melody in the film, "(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story" was a noteworthy achievement, especially the vocal version recorded by Andy Williams.


Despite the fact that a win in the cinematic world and with most analysts, for example, Roger Ebert,[7] the film was detested by numerous others. Newsweek felt the film was contrived[7] and film commentator Judith Crist called Love Story "Camille with bullshit."[8] Writer Harlan Ellison was on record in The Other Glass Teat, his book of gathered feedback, as calling it "poop."

The film is scored number nine on the AFI's 100 Years...100 Passions list, which perceives the main 100 romantic tales in American silver screen. The film additionally brought forth a trove of impersonations, spoofs, and tributes in incalculable movies, having re-empowered acting on the silver screen and in addition setting the format for the cutting edge "romantic comedy".

The film is among the most noteworthy earning films in Canada and the United States, picking up $106,397,186 in rentals. It netted an extra $30 million in universal film markets. At the season of discharge, it was the sixth most astounding earning film ever in U.S and Canada net as it were. Balanced for expansion, the film stays one of the main 40 local earns of all time.[4]

The Crimson Key Society, an understudy affiliation, has supported showings of Love Story amid introduction to every approaching class of Harvard College rookies since the late 1970s. Amid the showings, society individuals and other gathering of people individuals ridicule, boo, and scoff "silly, out-dated and out and out schlocky" minutes to cleverly construct school spirit.[9]

Generally speaking, Love Story has gotten blended surveys. Spoiled Tomatoes reflectively gathered audits from 23 faultfinders and gave the film a score of 57%.[10]


The soundtrack from the film was discharged independently as a collection, and conveyed by Quality Records.[11]

Melodic choices from the soundtrack

Subject from Love Story — by Francis Lai, performed by Francis Lai and His Orchestra

Snow Frolic — by Francis Lai, performed by Francis Lai and His Orchestra

Piano Sonata in F Major — by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I Love You, Phil — by Francis Lai

The Christmas Trees — by Francis Lai

Look for Jenny — by Francis Lai

Bozo Barrett — by Francis Lai

Skating in Central Park — by John Lewis

The Long Walk Home — by Francis Lai

Harpsichord Concerto No. 3 in D Major — by Johann Sebastian Bach

Subject from Love Story (Finale) — by Francis Lai, performed by Francis Lai and His Orchestra

Honors and assignments

Romantic tale was selected for seven 1971 Academy Awards, winning one:

Best Music, Original Score — Francis Lai

It was named in the classifications of:

Best Picture — Howard G. Minsky

Best Director — Arthur Hiller

Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Not Previously Published — Erich Segal

Best Actor in a Leading Role — Ryan O'Neal

Best Actress in a Leading Role — Ali MacGraw

Best Actor in a Supporting Role — John Marley

What's more, Love Story was selected for seven Golden Globe Awards, winning five:

Best Motion Picture - Drama

Best Director — Arthur Hiller

Best Actress in a Drama — Ali MacGraw

Best Screenplay — Erich Segal

Best Original Score — Francis Lai

It was likewise designated for:

Best Actor in a Drama — Ryan O'Neal

Best Supporting Actor — John Marley

American Film Institute acknowledgment

AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies—Nominated[12]

AFI's 100 Years...100 Passions - #9

AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movie Quotes #13

AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies (tenth Anniversary Edition)— Nominated[13]


Two lines from the film have entered pop culture:

What would you be able to say in regards to a 25-year-old young lady who kicked the bucket? That she was lovely and splendid? That she adored Mozart and Bach? The Beatles? Furthermore, me?

Love implies never saying you're sad.

The last is talked twice in the film, once by Jennifer when Oliver is going to apologize to her for his outrage. It is additionally talked by Oliver to his dad when his dad says "I'm sad" subsequent to becoming aware of Jennifer's demise.

The statement made it to #13 onto the American Film Institute's AFI's 100 Years ... 100 Movie Quotes, a rundown of best motion picture cites.

The comic drama What's Up, Doc? (1972), which stars O'Neal, alludes to this line toward the end, when Barbra Streisand's character says "Love implies never saying you're sad", at that point fluttered her eyelashes. O'Neal's character reacts, "That is the most moronic thing I at any point heard."

Spin-offs and redo

26993413_1932979560352249_6258081521142856334_n - Copy (2).jpgO'Neal and Milland repeated their parts for a spin-off, Oliver's Story, discharged in 1978. It depended on Segal's 1977 novel. The film starts with Jenny's memorial service, at that point grabs year and a half later. Oliver is an effective, however troubled, legal advisor in New York. Albeit as yet grieving Jenny, he figures out how to discover love with beneficiary Marcie Bonwit (Candice Bergen). Experiencing correlations with the first, Oliver's Story did ineffectively with the two groups of onlookers and faultfinders.

NBC communicate Love Story, a fleeting sentimental treasury TV arrangement, in 1973-1974. In spite of the fact that it imparted its name to the novel and film and utilized a similar signature melody – "(Where Do I Begin) Love Story" – as the motion picture, it generally was random to them, without any characters or storylines in a similar manner as either the novel or the motion picture. The first film was changed in Malayalam as Madanolsavam in 1978.

Another motion picture 'Sanam Teri Kasam' was made and discharged in 2016. The film is a cutting edge interpretation of the novel Love Story by Eric Segal. The film was discharged worldwide on 5 February 2016 under the generation pennant of Eros Now.

"Ali MacGraw's Disease"

Roger Ebert characterized "Ali MacGraw's Disease" as a motion picture sickness in which "the main indication is that the patient develops more delightful until at last dying".[14] Vincent Canby of The New York Times composed that Jenny was experiencing some ambiguously upsetting Elizabeth Arden treatment.[15]

In pop culture

In 1971, the twentieth scene of the fourth period of The Carol Burnett Show included a take-off of the film called "Flawless Story", with Carol Burnett in the MacGraw part and Harvey Korman in the O'Neal role.[16]

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