❤Works and not mere words❤

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Ah love is such a beautiful thing isn't it? Its a wonderful feeling. But what is love though? Is it just a feeling, an experience or what is it exactly? Some people say love makes the world go round but does it really?

I heard it once while listening to a session on radio and this particular guy tried defining love. According to him, love is anticipating the need(s) of the other person and meeting that need NOW(not later). You've got to atleast try you know. Love is in works not in words. fruit-3074848__480.jpg

In retrospect, I've come to understand the many sides there are to love. Love is a decision(not just a feeling), its all about commitment, a lifestyle, its not a fight but its infinitely worth fighting for. Being loved is divine(a blessing) and to love, like i always say is a privilege.

God is love and love is God and if you're looking to like really understand love then you've got the answer. One simply cannot give a proper definition about LOVE - and that's the BEAUTY of it - everyone has his personal experience with it.




Yeah, everyone has his/her definition of love

nicepost 😉😊

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