Emotions. Love. Relationships- The Real Twinkles.

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First, you should know that I'm no expert at these things, i as every other person experience low and high moments too. But I must admit, I've got profound interest in the subject and with all that has happened and is bound to happen (most likely), I find myself still interested. In the end, people are of that much importance and if life is to go on, then there has to be persons in on it. A wise man once told me that ultimately, people are the only things that matter the most, in this life (and even in the after life). Put it differently if you like, that investment in people is everything...blah blah... You see heartbreaks,disappointments, rejection,etc all have a common strand that runs through them. Eventually not immediately, we emerge a stronger, wiser and better version of ourselves. I know "second hand" what it feels like to be abused, neglected, or taken advantage of and I'm also very well acquainted with the grief and pain that follows. At first, it starts out as a sharp pain, like you've been dealt a vicious blow in the chest and your heart is about to pop out of your chest and all that. Then there is this dullness you simply feel but can't explain no matter how hard you try.
And oh the misery that tags along too, how vulnerable and utterly stupid we feel(like we should have seen it coming or something). Well, If you didn't its because you went all out, you truly loved that person, without reservations and of course you wouldn't have, naturally. That's quite a feat I must say but what It also means is that if things didn't work out as you'd hoped, and so all you'll have to do is move on. Do this for yourself. No hard feelings. Trust me you wouldn't want a relationship where it's clear that the person on the other side isn't exactly "feeling it" or feeling you, you know like he's heart is somewhere else and here you are moping around for some affection, however little he throws your way. No. No way. That's not happening. You deserve way better! So, Just move on. Regardless of the circumstances that led to the break up! Remember, you owe yourself a duty to be happy (genuinely that is) and you deserve better and much more. It's easier said than done I know but it's the best advice you can give to yourself. It's simply what it is people,the TRUTH! I hope you can relate with it (maybe not at the moment but hopefully in time you will). The sooner the better for you... Especially YOU!

Yes, women are weaker vessels but in their weakness they exude so much strength that is almost unfathomable or explainable. Indeed, there's a great amount of strength even in weakness.
The real test of love is when it is demonstrated to the undeserved. Yes Love breaks through our shell and leaves us exposed and vulnerable as nothing else can. However, If it breaks you or you feel broken in any way at any point of that relationship, then you have to end it before it ends you.5b08c6a5db2adcbad00093164002b03f.jpg!


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