Love is Beautiful (part 2)

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What is the reason why it is so late?
What to do inside?

-Hug up.

-Chih is it to say again? Shocking

You're going to be the master of the door, and you're going to ask what he does.


I'm not a husband or a spouse? Think of futures.
Eating poorly. Do not want to marry. If you want to marry a girl with a mother.
Anik is a very good son. He is not a habbaboba but very elegant. Many people thought it was satan. His father thought so. Nowadays, it is not understood who is good and who is evil. So thought that marriage should be okay.

Anik escaped.
He was arrested again by the police.
Well, does this terrorist know I ran away?
If you know today, you will kill the opponent.

-And how long?

Anik comes out. Chupchap comes to the floor after sitting.

-What is the matter at the floor?

-Memi ...

-Do you not rise up before I get up?


Anik Chih shouted, Where will I?

Nuri tells a rebuke, on the head of my head.

-Oh ... well I thought.

-What are you thinking?
Arebas is the devil in Minnin. But you see those things again.
I did not want to go with them. Shunen is marrying you now.

  • What does the mean?

  • My BF does not do anything, if I find a job I'll leave.

What's that? So why did you marry?

-Oh father !! You have run away. !! Why did you flee?

Did you tell me?

Lack of man. The man goes to bed. Read in the sun.

Anik's face fell on the bed and went to bed. The terrorists have BF? Anikera eyes blaze?
The wife has been there for a long time from the other.
Is it possible to observe

-It's hearing that


I give my hair to the hair.


-What do you mean? Will I call people now?
Jaimai beside other people will take the hair?

I do not touch the girls. I did not give it to Devonana.

-What?! 😲

-this is not right.

Are you crazy or goat or I am the cow?

I do not know that. Do not ask me to do all these work.

Nuri plays the naughty mind on the head. This boy is really bokasoka or mugs, it can be seen playing.
He slowly goes to Anik

Talk to the ears near the mouth


-Allah ...
Anik grasped up and jumped into the bed.
Nuri holds the hand of Anik,

-Why do not you know how to mop up the inside of my chest?

Anik closed eyes and said ...
La ilaha illa anta subhanaka indi kunto minaj joalimin ...

The boy stitched in the ghee.
Nuri is crazy about laughing laugh. Such a boy did not even look at that life.
Appointment of Palash and Anik currencies.
Palash always used to fill his form and figure. And this boy does not want to touch the wife.

Suddenly the laughter stopped and asked Nuri Gambhir throat,
Are you an impotent?

Aniq looked at the face of the face of the nauri. What is this terrorist ?!

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I liked the story very much to write to you.Because love is actually a nice thing.Love is the thinking of human beings consciousness changes mental state, helps people to start a whole new life. When people fall in love, they do not believe in anyone except love, they all become dark in love. Love is a great quality. I remember reading my story. Many thanks for sharing.................