How to Write a Love Story

in love •  last year 


  .......Story.........          Love stories can be brilliant,,,,,emotional,,,and creative outlets....But to truly master the art of the love story you need to know a thing or two....

Focus on personality....... Do not match personality.....There can be some similarities between the two lovers,,,,but don't overdo it. If they are too similar,,,,the reader will began to regard them more as siblings or close friends than lovers...Anger,,,,rivalry,,,and love????Both anger and love take a lot of passion and in the end they can spawn off each other....In the beginning stages of your story do not be afraid to let them loathe each other,,,just subdue the fire before it escalates....Combinations...We have all heard of the epitome of "unique" lovers: mean/hotheaded guy and nice,,,,plain girl or vice versa,,,,and smart guy and empty headed but cool girl or vice versa...Try to go beyond that....Make two lists of all the personalities you can think of,,,one for the girl and one for the guy...Then chose a random trait from each list and see if can make a story off that....

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