love story

in #love5 years ago

Keep this bag in the bag.

What happened to you, now you swallow and now you're off the office.

  • Today's office took leave.

  • Why?

  • Today, I'll go to a park with a girl.

  • KEEEEE ????

  • Yes.

  • Cuah Shaitan bilai, leaving the wife at home and going with another girl? (Started crying and crying)

  • Not this, no, it's not. Why crying ??

  • Do not cry or smile now ?? If you told me I love another person, then it would have been.

  • Do not know what to say.

  • Silent, treacherous, you did not talk to me more than life, but you do not understand, you are going to roam in the park with another girl, you do not feel shy.

Ahh, what are you talking about? I just love you.

  • I do not need to lie, I can not sit in the house, give me a divorce.

  • What did you say ??? Sour

  • Why Marla?

  • Shut up (Bundle with a tone)

  • I'm getting discount.

  • Do not leave Hey paglal wife, what am I saying or would I go around with another girl. I have a daughter in my house and that is my wife.

  • that is !!!

  • Hey, I'll go around with you. And you are the girl, or are you the boy ??

  • Girl.

  • If you are a girl, then I'll go around you. My closest crazy Can I go to another girl, leave this crazy girl?

  • No.

  • Why do you say so now?

  • All right !!!

  • Road (you have been released from the chest). You talked so many nonsense, I have suffered a lot, I do not know, I do not talk to you.

  • No, baby does not

  • Huss. (I left him there and ran to the roof, I did not allow him to say anything)



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