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At the end of the coaching, when I was in Model Town, looking at the 12 lock building, I saw a girl from the lock 4 looked at us from the balcony. In fact, when my coaching ended my friend circles came out. Even if I did not see anyone's eyes there, I could see the ropes in the direction of the daily. The 4th floor girl noticed that she looked at me. For almost a month, I was completely cut off. Why should I wish that day, from the rooftop of Coaching, I will see the girl a little closer, so I went to the roof to leave everyone. I noticed that the girl looked at my friends looking for what she was looking for. I do not understand that the girl is looking for me. Going to the ceiling railing, I thought of a small brick and threw it to the girl. Before that, the girl was astonished at seeing me. I was looking at him. T-shirts of purple colors and probably were used to wear plasmo. She managed to cope with her and slowly moved away from there. Yet I could not leave. As a model, the girl will agree with any hero. I started waiting for the girl to come another time! About half an hour later, she came again. What do you think I said with a smile, what time is it? I showed with the finger 5.55 o'clock.

The girl showed me the call now. Go home. It was like a few more days. If we were to suspect that friends would come out, they would have gone out together, but when they returned home, I came back and talked to the girl on the roof. But the girl suddenly came to the room for about 20 minutes or more. I hastened to say one day, phone number can be given? She did not say anything that day. The girl did not come after waiting for some hours. I fell in love with the girl. It seems that profit is a fast site! During the night, I used to fill the girl very closely. One time I became a habit that I could not sleep without feeling him. In our gesture, the words have been for two months. I was able to understand how weak his day was and I saw my actions. From a distance, I used to bury him on his hair, pull his cheek and fill him very well. But sometimes his face would have become dirty suddenly. I could not understand why this was the case.

The girl's name was Anika.


On Friday, I would not have met Anika. Because the coaching was closed on Friday. But on Friday this Friday I came to visit him. The girl also got out. On the same day, he got his phone number reqewest. Many of the two people were silent by phone that night. She broke the silence and said to me, have you eaten at night?

"Yeah, you eat?


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