in love •  last year

In the midst of the silent night,
Your bulk ringtones disturbs my reading
While your gallivanting bed spring adds beat to the rhythm
On Saturday morning, the sight of used golden circle polluted my fasting
It’s Lynda every Wednesday
The Fridays are reserved for rheeta

I hail your banging abilities and moral disability
Since my home economics days, I never knew condom could burst during rigorous exercise
But your argumentative devotion with Anita enlightened me
My first week as your neighbor got me curious
When I learnt you came from Bangladesh, I was not disappointed
Hail ye! The great banger

Out of my pocket, I bought you a dust bin and four bolts
Respectively, to discard your condom and tighten your bed screws
Yours sincerely, your angry neighbor

Samson Miracle

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