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So Today I heard a story that happened in my place of work about a girl that fainted because her boyfriend left her for another girl. That is what I call immature relationship, Age is just a number, were your feelings controls the way you act.


My dear You don't struggle to get what is yours, it comes to you naturally. Life will teach you that meeting that special someone doesn't guarantee that they will remain forever with you, for you to be in a safer side when you meet people always remember you also tend to loose them one day.



Be in love with someone who deserves your heart; not someone who plays with it. A healthy relationship is the ability to find the right person who doesn't flirt with others.

But to make the right choice, you must know who you are; what you want and when you need it......

  • Remove sex from a relationship, you will realize that many are dating for fun.. Therefore, put every love to test...

Date before marriage, don't assume anything. God has given you the power to make good choice. No man will see you more than you see yourself. If you don't have a choice, you become anybody's choice..

  • Regard the words of the suitor as proverbs and
    His demonstration as parables till the bride price is actually paid. Because Your boyfriend today may not be the one to pay your bride price tomorrow. Therefore, stop paying marriage dues in a relationship..

Anybody can talk about Marriage; don't be deceived. If his words doesn't reflect with his action. It becomes a joke. Relationship is a place of discovering, while marriage is a place of responsibility. If you refused to talk about it, marriage will humble you...

  • If you're begging for attention in a relationship, you will definitely beg for care in marriage. Be in love with the person that has your time. If an in-law keep visiting all the time. One day he will be ask to go to the kitchen and collect his food. My dear Too much availability will reduce your worth.

The way you take risk to visit men you met on social media, if you take such risk in business, you won't need a man to look good or have a name. Any serious guy who values you in person and cherish you, should visit first. Be mindful of those who came to play with your heart, because they didn't come to stay.

Don't remain where the pieces of your heart is been broken, try to move on and be better than the way they left you.



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Try relationships? Possibly advice or heartbreak? :)

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