True Love Is Limitless

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If you love someone you let them go.

You let them be happy with or without you. Love is not about sticking to a human being and sucking the life out of them.

Sticking is unnatural and slowly killing each other.

Love is about letting each other be themselves, have their own ways and accepting them with their experiences and being happy that he/she is happy.

Love is limitless. How can one be forced to limit it to one specific "item"?

Love, as most people practice is not love but only a need to feel secure or to please themselves.

There is no need to die for love. You can only live for love. ❤

True love begins inside us and it radiates across the Universe if we don't force it to stay small and limited.

True love doesn't expect to be returned.
True love transforms.
True Love ascends.



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Love, light and blessings! 💚 🌟 💫
@lovehaswon 💚


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Awesome heart touching words bro....:)
Keep steeming .

Thank you very much, @staroflove! 🙂

Thank you! ☺

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