Be a discipline lady

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Not all Men on facebook or any other social media are cheats, callous, liars, insecure, and insensitive!
Some of them are kind, simple, sincere, loving, caring, charming, honestly single and searching! There exists still a good number of noble men out there.. .. .. ..but the problem is, the kind of men you attract to yourself online, is solely based on how you parade yourself online.

The fact is when you as a young lady has serious issues with keeping your legs closed, how can you probably keep a man forever? From head to toe, you are totally fake and not willing to change! Fake complexion, accent, name, occupation, fake everything!
No matter how hard you try, there's no way that you can hide your Character no matter how well you package yourself. Need I remind you that a pretty face+a terrible ugly character=a very ugly persona!...

A man will always drop you like a hot potato if he realises you are nothing but an empty barrel. Just so you know, your character speaks volume. Most times you don't even need to speak, for your actions tells alot about your persona. Fine one can't decipher your character here online but what type of guy do you intend attracting with updates that shows you are the most irresponsible girl alive?

Dear Sisters, starting from this New Month, please endeavour to be real, be humble, be jovial, be subtle, be smart, be kind, be sincere and truthful to yourself, be modest and be discplined. What do we call a lady who protects her phones more than her body? You buy pouch for your phone and even buy screen protector for your phone BUT you leave your cleaveage, a$$, lap and take snap shots of almost nude pixels which you upload online often. Is that wisdom or what? You keep forgetting that the way you dress determines the way you'l be addressed. . . .Such attitude will only attract the wrong type of men.

OMG, he used and dumped me!!! This is something you're telling whoever cares to listen. Stop saying 'Men' used and dumped you! . . .Honestly all you need to do is dump those bad manners of yours and chose to BE REAL WITH MEN AND NOT BOYS. You can't buy air ticket from the Devil, fly the Devil's airline and expect Jesus to be at the airport awaiting your arrival. Please to whom it may concern, kindly check yourself before you wreck yourself!habits_of_highly_disciplined_women.jpeg

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