From my sky (poetry)

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From my sky

I want to remember you in the cloudy sky,
in the fragile branches of the pine tree,
on the journey of the last train,
where all my torments are derailed.

I want to remember you on the suspension bridges,
that I built in my mind to love you,
in my delirious sanity dressed in madness,
in the freedom of the white knots of my soul.

I want to remember you in the calm of my solitude,
in the irrationality of my captive thoughts,
in the dark night of the wounded crow,
In the perfect embroidery of broken cobwebs.

I want to remember you in the rhyme of my verses,
in the wrong conjugation of my verbs,
in the shortcomings of the accents and commas,
in the sad lines of this poetry that evokes you.

I want to remember you in the last melody,
in my tears remembering your smile,
On my last flight to the side of the green olive tree,
In the eternal shadow of my footsteps.

Poetry: @kristal24
Image of free use (license CC0 of Pixabay).

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Nicely written!

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Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it.

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