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Emotional intimacy is simply outercourse. It's simply touching, caressing, hugging, cuddling, kissing and romancing, not necessarily to buy sex, but to affirm love.
This is a big river every woman seeks to swim, but it's always dry. It's a large vacuum that every lady yearns to be filled on a daily basis.

Emotional intimacy affirms a woman's being, it makes her feel a sense of value not necessarily for her body.

But emotional intimacy is not only an alien task for men but it's also herculean . This vacuum is often empty in the Venusian space. This is because where we (men) come from, we are not move by some sort of feelings (it's preposterous for us), we move , act and function by reason(s) which is(are) often logical and in the moment.
That's why a man will rarely touch, caress, kiss, hug, cuddle and romance his partner when there is no gush


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